How to Make Your Carpet Last Forever

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If you walk on your carpet all the time, your carpet will wear out. Follow these steps to help rejuvenate your carpet!


  1. Vacuum your carpet regularly, especially in high traffic areas. 80 percent of soil in carpet is dry and can be removed with the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Use a vacuum with a beater bar and brush. Make sure it is set to the correct height for your carpet pile. If the setting is too high for your carpet, you may not be cleaning it effectively. If it is too low, your carpet will get unnecessary wear and tear from the vacuum cleaner. Changing the direction of the cleaner frequently will make vacuuming more effective. This regular maintenance will improve the overall appearance of the carpet.
    • Change the bag often to maximize the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner.
  3. You will need to deep clean your carpet about every two years. With todays advanced fibers, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning. You can choose professional or do-it-yourself steam or dry cleaning. If you choose professional cleaning, be sure to use a reputable service and get them to perform a visual inspection of the carpet before giving you a quote.
  4. High traffic areas will need to be cleaned more frequently by spot cleaning or with a steam cleaner. There are excellent household steam cleaners on the market that are the size of a vacuum cleaner and are ideal for frequent cleaning.
  5. If you choose a self-cleaning method, be sure follow the instructions provided with the steamer or self-cleaning product.


  • Try your hardest not to spill liquid on your carpet.
  • Do not vomit in your carpet! When you need to throw up, you have to do it in a toilet or a garbage; not your carpet if you can resist!

Things You Will Need

  • A vacuum cleaner (including bags, belts and filters).

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