How to Vacuum a Room

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Do you have a messy room? Is it filled with dust and what-not? Vacuum it!


  1. Walk through where you are going to clean first, to see all the things that need to be moved and make a mental note of walls and door locations.
  2. Move any objects that require moving. (Toys, bed sheets, pieces of paper, etc.)
  3. If your cleaner has a HIGH/LOW setting (sometimes HIGH and BARE FLOOR) move it to the appropriate setting. (HIGH for bedrooms, living rooms (places with carpet), LOW/BARE FLOOR for bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. (places without carpet))
  4. Plug in your vacuum cleaner and turn it on.
  5. Move your vacuum cleaner in a forward and backward movement.
  6. Push your vacuum around unmovable obstacles. (Desks, tables, beds, etc.)
  7. When you are done, turn off the vacuum and unplug it.
  8. Move any things that were moved to their original location.
  9. Store the vacuum cleaner and congratulate yourself for cleaning somewhere in your house.


  • If the vacuum cleaner gets hard to push, try to tilt it back a little so only the rear wheels are touching the ground.
  • When the vacuum gets really hard to push or stops sucking, its time to change the bag.
  • If you have curtains that hang down, take them off or tie them up so the vacuum does not suck it in as well.


  • Watch out for things like socks that can clog up the vacuum.
  • Watch out for walls sometimes if you hit the wall hard enough, it might break and you may have to work extra hard just to make enough money to buy a new one.

Things You Will Need

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  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A room to clean

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